COVID-19 – Announcement

Best tools to support Remote Employees

Merit-Tel stands in support with all those affected in the COVID-19 pandemic.  It has given birth to a new normal and we understand it may be challenging or uncertain and for this reason we are here to support you in any which way we can. COVID-19 may have a long term impact on businesses and communities we serve and we will continue to monitor programs and tools to share with all of you through all means at our disposal.


With the current situation throughout the US, we have fielded a number of calls asking for best practices or tools that can be used to enable employees to operate remotely for an extended period of time.  We want to take a moment to remind you about NimbusPhone and Boomea.


Nimbus Phone is a mobile app that gives you the same functionality as your desk phone.  Boomea is a complete communications platform including, chat, find me follow me, presence, tasks, notes and more.  Both will allow you to remain engaged and up to date with current projects and communications.   There are notes below to aide you in supporting your customers.



  • Boomea Mobile Apps

    • Available for iOS and Android

    • Chat

    • Tasks

    • Notes


  • Find Me Follow Me Call Routing

    • Nimbus Mobile App


  • Atlas Web Portal


If your company is currently facing any difficulties in setting up remote access for employees, please use resources below to open a ticket or call us so that we can better assist you. We at Merit-Tel will continue to focus on ensuring that our services are available to you.

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